Change your look in seconds without the large bag of cotton balls and the bottle of remover

Why The Smoother Remover

Have you ever polished your own nails and accidentally brushed polish onto your skin at the same time? What happens? You run to get your remover and your cotton balls, but as you're going into the bag of cotton balls, the cotton gets stuck on your nails, or maybe you want to clean just the skin area, but the cotton ball gets on your entire nail and the polish gets wiped off. 


The Smoother Remover Nail Polish/Remover Kit is a specially designed container featuring nail polish on one side and polish remover on the other. Flipping the bottle over to access either the polish or the remover, the design intent is to provide busy consumers with a dual-action product that allows them to touch up nails and repair painting mistakes from one conveniently portable unit.

Before & After

How many times have you encountered the BEFORE look while in a rush or possibly your hands were to shaky, or maybe your young child asked if she could paint her nails and all of a sudden, there's polish all over the skin?

Well the SMOOTHER REMOVER Nail Polish and Remover Kit will allow you to touch up  your nails quickly and look like the AFTER look, all from one convenient and user friendly unit thats designed for EVERYONE!!

What are users saying?

Julie P.

Awesome, Simple, Easy..And definitely gets the job done with charm and class.

Nicole G.

Great product! I needed this a long time ago.

Jackie M. 

Wow! I love your idea!

Donna D

Amazing! I've never seen anything like this before.

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