Jeanette Mitchell is a native of Suburban Philadelphia. She has been working on the Smoother Remover for several years and has finally had her dreams come true.  She was looking to create a user friendly unit that would benefit anyone who painted their nails.  With her experience in painting her own nails or even getting them done in a salon, she realized that mistakes can happen where the polish can sometimes get brushed onto the skin.  She constantly found herself purchasing a bag of cotton balls and remover.  In the midst of removing the polish from the skin with the cotton balls, she found herself compromising the nails that were already painted.  That's when she came up with the idea of having a 2-in1 unit at her fingertips as well as being able to make it portable.

Jeanette said, "When away from home it can be difficult to keep up the appearance of perfect looking fingernails.  Take it from me, that can be a problem when out in the public and wanting to look one's very best.  The Smoother Remover Nail Polish/Remover Kit provides a smooth neat and even manicure with every application and if hands are not super steady, this kit is the answer to perfect looking hands and nails. It works!"

The Smoother Remover Nail Polish/Remover Kit is Patent Pending

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